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The easiest method of payment for tickets and sponsorships is via Paypal.com.  You can use your credit card via Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account.  If you are uncomfortable with paying online, please send your payment to Stephanie Patterson GIlbert, 115 Pine Creek Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013.  If you are local to Carlisle, you can drop off a check to Stephanie at Georgie Lou's Retro Candy, located at 56 West High Street in downtown Carlisle.  Please make checks payable to Stephanie Gilbert.  Tickets must be purchased before November 12 to make the guest list for streamlined security at the Barracks gate.

Single Reunion Ticket:  $40.00 (may increase to $40 after 11/1)

Couple Reunion Ticket:  $75.00 (may increase to $75 after 11/1)
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To help offset the cost of holding our reunion, we are looking for class members to make contributions to the class.  By doing this, we are able to keep our ticket costs lower and upgrade the amenities offered during the reunion weekend.  Some suggested options for sponsorship are found below, but you can donate any amount you want.  The class appreciates your help in making our reunion affordable for everyone and making it an unforgettable experience.  You can request to keep your donation anonymous if you would like.

-Service Fee $250 (Need 2)

-Basic Appetizer $75 (Need 4--includes boneless wings, spring rolls, meatballs, and crab puppies)
-Standard Appetizer $100 (Need 2--includes fruit, veggies, and hummus)
-Deluxe Appetizer $125 (Need 3--includes cheese, steak, and scallops)
-Premium Appetizer $150 (Need 5--includes shrimp and carving station)

-Wine $14 (White or Red, each bottle)

-Decor $50 (Need 2)
-Stationery $50 (Need 3)
-Door Prizes $25 (Need 6 and/or actual donations of gift cards and products)

Thanks to our Sponsors!

The following classmates have graciously donated the following to our 25th Reunion:

-Stephanie Patterson Gilbert--Friday Night Movie Sponsorship $200
-Anonymous--Venue Deposit $500
-Jon Rose--Keg of Yuengling $185
-Brian Griffith--Deluxe Appetizer $125
-Anonymous--Service Fee $250
-Michael Twining--Appetizer $75
-Jennifer Johnson Amsley--Deluxe Appetizer $125
-Eric Thumma--Standard Appetizer $100
-Michael Shirey--Premium Appetizer $150
-Duane Darr--Standard Appetizer--$100
-Amy Domenick Whiteman--$50 Gift Certificate
-John Tucker--Premium Appetizer $150
-Matthew Cox--Premium Appetizer $150
-Blanda Nace--Premium Appetizer $150
-Bryan Black--Standard Appetizer $100
-Anonymous--Premium Appetizer $150
-Christa Bassett--Postage $100
-Ginger McKinney Massey -- Appetizer $75
-Jennifer Smith Steiner--Decor $200
-Scott Ford--Standard Appetizers $200